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Pachypodium geayi Costantin & Bois
Compt. Rend. Hebd. Séances Acad. Sci. 145: 269 (1907)

Pachypodium geayi Photo by: K.k. Agrawal


Common Names include:
ENGLISH: Elephant's foot, Madagascar Palm
CHINESE (中文): 亞阿相界
DANISH (Dansk): Madagaskarsøjle-slægten
ESPERANT (Esperanto): Madagaskara palmo
FINNISH (Suomi): Paksujalat, Madagaskarinpalmuiksi
FRENCH (Français): Baobab nain
ITALIAN (Italiano): Palma del Madagascar
JAPANESE (日本語): アアソウカイ
LITHUANIAN (Lietuvių): Aukštasis tukvis
SWEDISH (Svenska): Smalbladig ökenstjärna
UKRAINIAN (Українська): Паxіподіум Жаї

29980 plantemania © Plantemania
Pachypodium geayi Photo by: © Plantemania
24979 josef Josef Cycad Perner
3-4 meter tall plant at at Cycad International, Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia. Photo by: Josef Cycad Perner

19429 giuseppe2 Giuseppe Distefano
Pachypodium geayi Photo by: Giuseppe Distefano
24980 josef Josef Cycad Perner
3-4 meter tall plant. Photo by: Josef Cycad Perner

27881 alexander Alexander Arzberger
Pachypodium geayi de semillas from seeds, 2 years old. Photo by: Alexander Arzberger
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